Happy 30


I always love birthday. It feels like a new year with a new age, new hope and new spirit.

I feel blessed for all the things that has happened, is happening and will happen in my life. Thank you Allah. This life is a gift. I remember the days I pray for the things that I have now.

I feel grateful for all the best wishes from husband, parents, family, old friends, new friends, ex office mates, ex college friends and even from the people I’ve just met (the receptionist at Veranda Hotel Pakubowono where I stayed overnight). I wanna say thank you for every seconds they spent to remember me on that day. Amen to all of the good prayers, I cannot pay it back but I wish them all the very best.

I feel lucky because in my 30 I’ve found home. I don’t know where, how far and even which path this life is going to take me. But I don’t need to worry as long as this person is with me, I’m sure he will always get my back. And I’m so relieved that he is my husband now. Oh well a new grand adventure is just about to begin, be ready partner in crime 😀

P.S. Thank you for the birthday gift dearest. Instantly Happy.


22nd of August 2016.