If we could grow, I’ll make sure that it was slow!


Last month I turned into 29. Woaa congratulations self, enjoy your last round before entering the 30’s stage 🙂

Every year on my birthday I feel blessed. Thank you God for the live that you give. Thank you for every detail of it.

I feel like I wanna tell everybody by whispering in their ear that I thank you for every seconds they spend to remember me on my birthday and sending me their best wishes. Amen to all of the good prayers, I cannot pay it back but I wish them all the very best.

This year I chose to spend my birthday at Jogjakarta, one of my favorite city in Indonesia. I love Jogjakarta because I’m a Javanese, I’m in love with the ambiance, the foods, the people and everything is just make sense including the price. The city isn’t as crowded as Jakarta but not as slow as Salatiga (my hometown). It’s just on the right pace. Also I’m in love with my significant other during our trip to this city two years ago. That’s why I always have special feeling for Jogjakarta.

And this year on my birthday he proposed me at my favorite city. Never I expect that I’m gonna receive a romantic proposal from him. He surprised me with this beautiful things.




Bend on his knees asking me to be his life partner, how can I not answering YES to have a journey we never have to worry about ending. Because I know I wouldn’t need to worry, because I know you will always have my back. Thank you for the surprise, for your effort and mostly for asking me mas 🙂

Let’s start our journey.

Jogjakarta, August 22nd 2015.

Photo courtesy of Aditya Sofyan.

P.S this is the back sound when he popped out the question.