Monthly Archive: September, 2015

Loud Places

F-R-I-D-A-Y I feel music in your eyes I have never reached such heights *Huwooww ampun Jamie*

Romeo & Juliet, Fantasy Overture.

Flashback awal September. Tiba-tiba mas Adit ngajakin nonton orkestra. Ceritanya dia abis nonton Addie MS konser di MetroTV. Browsing event nya kok kayaknya menarik yah. Langsung pesan 2 tiket nonton Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra tanggal… Continue reading

It could be so nice, growing old with you.

My boyfriend sent me the video this morning. Tavis and Kristie, a couple who were aged 70 years by make up artist and then revealed each other. It’s sweet and touching to watch… Continue reading

The Weekenders : Campvibes

Demi mengenang setaun lalu happy camping di Ranca Upas, maka tahun ini pun kita bikin happy camping lagi di Ranca Upas dengan membawa crew yang lebih banyak. Hurrahh! Kenapa sih di Ranca Upas?… Continue reading

If we could grow, I’ll make sure that it was slow!

Aloha! Last month I turned into 29. Woaa congratulations self, enjoy your last round before entering the 30’s stage 🙂 Every year on my birthday I feel blessed. Thank you God for the… Continue reading

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