Monthly Archive: August, 2015

Let the Sunshine in!

I always like duet. And I found this two, Tom Misch and Carmody echo each other. Super love their E.P Out to Sea. Their voices gently interweave to create a real groove. This one is… Continue reading

Hidup (lebih) Sehat

Cieh. Wacana ini udah dari dua tahun yang lalu sih jadi salah satu target hidup. Tapi belum tercapai karena susah banget buat konsisten.  Dari dulu gue anaknya ringkih, biasanya abis maraton belajar buat… Continue reading

Coffee : favorite spot to have a sip!

For the love of coffee, I want to write something about it. At the very beginning, coffee for me is a family tradition. As long as I can remember my parents always have… Continue reading

Tame Impala : Currents

Currently listening to Tame Impala’s newest album : Currents. And I found some mood buster 🙂 1. Eventually 2. Let It Happen On repeat!

August Note

Hello August. I always love this month. Simply because it’s my birth month. This year I’m turning 29. Oops just a year away before entering the stage of 30’s. So many expectations to chase,… Continue reading

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